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FAQ With Birdie Digital Marketing Agency

Q. Does your Marketing Agency offer Search Engine Optimization services?
A. Yes we do. However, we usually heavily qualify our clients to make sure they will actually benefit.

Q. What do you mean by “Qualifying Clients,” in regards to the question about SEO?
A. We just want to be sure the client has realistic expectations, budget, and is going to allow us complete control over their brand.

Q. Is there a minimum SEO budget required?
A. No, but it should be a significant amount. It’s about ethics. The SEO Industry is riddled with charlatans’ and people promising big dreams for very little money. We know better and just want to be sure our clients do too.

Q. Why do you need complete control over a brand to take an SEO job with them?
A. SEO is like a symphony. It’s not just about putting some keywords on the page and presto. There should be many moving pieces to any given SEO campaign.

Q. What are those “Moving Pieces?”
A. There are many examples, here’s a brief one. You have your money page, you then write a relevant post, connect it to the money page, launch a PPC Campaign with the posts link, and finally acquire some backlinks to connect to the post.

Q. So Social Media Management is a part of it?
A. Yes it is, but again it’s just one part. We need to control the entire brands web presence and connect all the dots as it were to get the results we know we can get. If we see we wont be granted that kind of control we pass on the job.

Q. Do you also Host clients and the Web Sites you build them?
A. Yes we do. We’re WP Engine partners and use the GCP Frame Work/Advanced Network, giving our clients the most elite web performance possible for their site type.

Q. Do you mean to say different types of sites will result differently in terms of performance?
A. Yes. You can think of a site as a home. The bigger to Home, the longer it takes to move that home. That’s what a site is; like a mobile road show, only these roads are digital. The simpler the faster, but simple is not always best so you sacrifice speed.

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