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An Internal Look at Birdie Digital Marketing Agency

Digital Marketing Systems & Partners

As a part of our Terms and Definitions modules, we introduce you to our agency; making transparent our digital marketing systems and partners.

We’d like to begin by defining Birdie Digital Marketing Agency. We are an agency formed VIA merger and infused with industry veterans that have preformed at the highest levels. We took this approach as to gain an advantage on most start up agencies that have to outsource their work. We wanted to keep it all in house, because we believe in the quality control that inevitably follows. Start up Brand Creation, internal administrative systems, and creating the necessary massive Web Presences needed in order for a brand to rank well for their industry related key words are a few of our specialties.

However, its not all about big work. We also offer many more granular services in order to meet the widest spectrum of entity needs and budgets. Looking just for a simple business card web site? We can do that for you. Looking only for some SEO Business Directories? We got that covered too. Whatever your marketing needs are, we have a solution.

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BDMA Service Partners

Web Site Hosting Division

The Infrastructure

At BDMA we have selected only the finest industry partners in the game. Again here because we believe in real quality work and ethics. If we’re going to claim to be the best, then we’re going to offer the best. First on our list comes Hosting and the world famous:

WP Engine


WP Engine, is definitely an amazing company that matches our own work ethics and principles. Their customer service is incredible and most pertinently to our clients, the Server Technology is simply as good as it get’s for the worlds most utilized CMS WordPress. Our opening offering is the GCP “Google Cloud Platform” server frame work and basic CDN “Content Delivery Network” by Cloudflare. We also offer the Advanced Network upgrade with a more advanced CDN and Firewall. In either case you will have Google’s PageSpeed Insights nailed, it just depends on how perfectly you want to meet their guidelines. The decision is yours to make, we’re here to offer the solutions.

An Important Note

Many people are under the assumption that any web site can potentially score a 100% on Google’s PageSpeed Insights, well we’re here to tell you the truth. Some web sites no matter what you do will never get a 100% from Google. This is because there are many kinds of web sites and some that make use of things like, 3rd party scripts such as a Web Site Chat Box, or use Video Headers, Animation, and Motion Graphics end up far heavier than less sophisticated or dynamic site with nothing but an image and a bunch of default text. In the prior case our minimum score is around 50% mobile 90% Desktop. We are OK with this score because we know Googles PSI is but one of over 250 SEO factors that determine rank; we also know it’s not one of the most important factors. We go by the old standard that is all about the actual users experience and that you will note, is on the money, as here you are on a very heavy web site.


Google Cloud Platform


The BDMA Server Core

At Birdie Digital “BDMA” we use Google Cloud Platform “GCP,” which is a suite of cloud computing services that run on the same infrastructure that Google uses internally for its end-user products, such as Google Search, YouTube, Google Drive, and Gmail. It also provides a series of modular cloud services including cloud computing, data storage, data analytics and machine, or A.I. learning.

In April 2008, Google announced App Engine, a platform for developing and hosting web applications in Google-managed data centers, which was the first cloud computing service from the company. The service became generally available in November 2011. Since the announcement of App Engine, Google added multiple cloud services to the platform, and is known by the GCP name today.

What does this mean for Birdie Digital Marketing clients? It means our servers that host our client sites are made of the same stuff Google uses to serve their digital tools, or services. Pretty cool right?

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cloudflare Content Delivery Network

An Elite Content Delivery Network

Cloudflare as we now know, is a CDN (Content Delivery Network). It is one of the most well know and established in the industry. With it’s massive Global Network, it’s very powerful Varnish Cache “Image, CSS, HTML, Java Compression,” and incredible security features including L3 DDoS Protection, Malware Scan and Geo Blocking, here’s a partner you just can’t lose with. We leverage numerous solutions in our hosting packages. Remember it’s all about the USER, and fast secure site delivery is vastly and surely improved with Cloudflare.

About Cloudflare’s Anycast Technology


Anycast is a network addressing and routing method in which incoming requests can be routed to a variety of different locations or “nodes.” In the context of a CDN, Anycast typically routes incoming traffic to the nearest data center with the capacity to process the request efficiently. Selective routing allows an Anycast network to be resilient in the face of high traffic volume, network congestion, and DDoS attacks.

How does Anycast Work?

Anycast network routing is able to route incoming server connection requests spanning multiple data centers. When asset requests come into a single IP address associated with the Anycast network, the system distributes the data based on prioritization methodology. The process behind choosing a certain data center will typically be optimized to reduce latency by selecting the center with the shortest distance from the requester. Anycast is a 1-to-1 of many associations, and is one of the 5 main network protocol methods used in Internet protocol. What does this mean? It means performance excellence.

Why Use an Anycast Network?

When many requests are made simultaneously to the same origin server, the server may become overwhelmed with traffic and be unable to respond efficiently to additional incoming requests. With an Anycast network, instead of one origin server taking the brunt of the traffic, the server load can also be spread across other available data centers, each of which will have servers capable of processing and responding to the incoming request. This routing method prevents origin server from extending capacity beyond its ability and avoids service interruptions to clients requesting content from the origin server. What does this mean? You can be sure your site is going to show up no matter where you are in the world so long as there’s internet available.

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Marketing Tools & Providers


Business Directory SEO & Reputation Management

Now that we have covered our hosting, let us cover one of our most important services. Known as NAP SEO “Name, Address, Phone” this SEO concern is a bread and butter foundational one. It has to do with making sure your business information is accurate all across the net. If not Google see’s this as any number of negatives like potential brand abandonment, or a lack of concern by the owners for Google users, and in any case it simply looks bad when there are discrepancies; hence Google is less likely to show your business in the SERP’s “Search Engine Results Page.” For this concern we have partnered with the great SEO Business Directory Company Synup.


Synup SEO Web Directories
In fact there is one other company that is more established than Synup, but we do our home work and are always sure we’re on the cutting edge and that company we will not name had major issue in recent years not only with their tech but internal corporate trouble which is something we run from. Therefore our choice here was Synup. We wont bore you too much about the company and instead focus on it’s offerings, value, advantage, and ease of use.

NAP Aggregators

We already know what NAP stands for, but what on earth is an NAP Aggregator? These are Large consumer and business data gathering companies that source, clean up, and distribute individual and business name, address, and phone number (NAP) data to publishers, marketers, and location-based service providers like search engines, review, and social media sites. Now there are many such companies, but very few what you would call API NAP Aggregators. API stands for Application Programming Interface, and in this case the 2 are merged and what you end up with is a company that can have your listings fixed within 48 hours; this, all across the net. You can even create special extra content for some listings and schedule that content to be pushed onto the net at your selected time. The regular NAP Aggregators can take months to even complete a sweep and correct your listings let alone push fresh content regularly.

BDMA Business Directory Dashboard Features
Infographic of a business listings dashboard from birdie digital marketing agency

Duplicate Listings

What are duplicate listings? These are listings on the same directory that you can find 2 of. This is considered messy Brand Management, and is one of many SEO factors. The idea here is in using our software you can very easily eliminate such listings, choosing which of the 2 listings remains, and the removal of said listings are permanent. Unlike with the “other” company, they come right back if you ever leave them. This is called duplicate suppression and you can count on our suppression being final no matter your choice to stay or move on.

Reputation Management

Finally we get to Reputation Management. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to monitor review sites all from one dashboard and also reply from the same dashboard? Well thats what you get with our Business Directory software. Never miss a review again. Some final features of the dash include insight and metrics about your brands profile views and map click/calls to location. Here’s just a glimpse of our own brand making use of said technologies.

All Sources Review Monitoring & Management Dashboard
review monitoring dashboard

The Almighty Voice Search

One of the many Business Directories our software deals with is of course Google Business Profiles, and more importantly Google Maps, which is where the special Schema Markup up code the is offered with the premier package makes sure your brand is optimized for voice search. This is very good for Local Businesses with a location. You even get to make your own FAQ about your business that will trigger in voice search, as well as your brand location itself. Voice comprises of at least 60% of all cell phone searches. This is one of our favorite factors because of its massive power potential.

Birdie Digital Marketing Agency Listings Dashboard
bdma directory service dashboard

Business Listings Synch Feature All Within 48 Hours
Directory listings from dashboard

That then concludes our section on Business Directories. Lets now have a look at some of our elite level tools.

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semrush BDMA Partner

SEM Rush

The Ultimate in SEO Management Systems

SEM Rush is a truly incredible SEM “Search Engine Management” System. It would be far easier to tell you what this software cant do than it is to cover all it’s abilities, but we will hit on a few that are the most relevant for you as the client, or you as the industry agent.

Tracking Keyword Ranks

Keyword Rank tracking technology is a must for any brand that plans on gaining organic traction. SEMR really takes this serious and gives you so many ways to more granularly track and understand your ranks. We have everything from drilling it down to a city, or world wide, exactly where in the SERP you appear, and it keeps historical data so you can catch trouble before it really becomes a problem.

Competitor Analysis

SEM Rush Dashboard

This is one of our favorite parts to any good SEM, Competitor Analysis. Especially good for local companies that can easily identify direct competition, SEM’s system will give you all the goodies on your competition. It’s likely in fact that you may end up knowing more about your competitor then they know about their selves! Want to see exactly what you need to do to over take a keyword rank? You will have all the data you need at your finger tips and easily accomplish this goal. What we love about all this is it brings certainty to an otherwise, lofty industry, SEO. We are data driven so nothing lofty about us or the way we take advantage of tools so that we can stay secure in what we do. We never roll the dice with your brand!

The Analytics Origin

Yet another thing we love about this company is that they do not only rely on their own BOT’s to surf the net and gather data, they also allow you to import your Google Analytics Data and they couple all of the data to produce the metrics for any given 1 of 100’s of SEM Modules within SEM Rush. Not all companies allow this, but to us it’s a no brainer must have. We want to be using the data that Google has as they are the ones serving brands to users.

We could go on and on about this company and their software but that would have to be yet another 2000 word + article; so then, here we conclude.

Link Maps and SEO Crawl Budget

We thought we would include one of our secrets. Though not the source of our software. One of the most important aspects of SEO is the Link Map factor, as shown below.

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In Conclusion

This article is meant to only give you a glimpse at the core of our marketing agency. If we were to really list every tool, partner, and craft this article would never end. Please contact us for any clarification and or service needs. Thanks for reading!

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