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In this article to come we will be exploring the vast and confusing world of hosting, but don’t worry, we’re not going to go tech on you. We will keep things in practical terms so that it’s easy to understand. Our purpose is to fully explain our hosting package and help you understand why this marketing investment is so crucial.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is what is known as a Content Management System (CMS), and it does just what you would think; it manages content for the web. In other words it’s the system wherein one designs a site and from there it’s pulled into origin servers “your original hosting server” for delivery. It’s also known as an Open Source community driven platform. This means that web developers all around the world contribute to it’s functionality by creating apps that can be used with the CMS; these apps are known as plugins.

There are many CMS systems out there, but none rival WordPress. Many have profound limitations, and some are just down right put together in such a user unfriendly way that most people do not use them. In reality 70% of all sites on the net come from the CMS Word Press. One of the best differentiators separating WP from all others is the versatility and the fact that it’s unlimited. If you can dream it, Birdie Digital can build it WordPress.

WordPress is also the CMS of choice for professional SEO’s (Search Engine Optimizers) because of its unlimited potential and vast array of plugins or API connections that are possible with other 3rd party SEO vendors.

What is WordPress Hosting?

Why the distinction between hosting and WordPress Hosting? The answer is because like with anything else in life when you specialize, you become better than those who do not. Our hosting provider partner is WP Engine and they have pulled out all the stops catering to every possible WordPress potential issue, function, and have very strict plugin application protocols in place. What does that mean? Because, as we have learned, WP is an open source platform, there are many applications that are not so good, out of date and abandoned by the DEV’s, as well as APP’s that try to do what WP Engine does but would therefore conflict if not disallowed. They run a tight ship and take security extremely seriously. Here to the WP hosting distinction means something. Being an open source platform it’s also a haven for malicious BOT’s, Hackers, and WPE focuses these potential issues in a way no other provider can; again, this is because they have specialized WP.

About Origin Servers

In order for us to lay a solid contextual understanding we also need to define what an origin server is and why is there such a distinction to begin with.

An Origin Server is that which serves your site, and more specifically is the source that feeds the web your web site. It’s in most cases a single server and it has to deal with the entire world. In this you get proximity issues of delivery, be it that those far away from the origin will wait longer for your site to load. This also is typically a shared hosting situation to make matters worse because it’s not only your site that is being served from that origin. So if one site has issues, gets a surge of traffic, or if the perfect storm of all of the above happen, your sites performance pays the price.

About Content Delivery Networks

The Origin Server Solution

With all the problems that come with single server shared hosting, you can bet the hosting industry came up with a solution, and it’s absolute genius. The solution is to get a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to serve your site. CDN’s do many things but the most important have to do with having a vast array of servers all over the world as well as what is known as site caching technology. In this the closet server feeds the site and because of the caching “files that are preloaded” its like delivering a snap shot of your site versus an origin server loading each element, asset, and code snippet one at a time. You can see why this would speed things up.

At Birdie Digital Marketing, you end up with servers in 250 cities and 100 different countries. This eliminates the proximity issue because it will always choose the closest to the user query and in this cut delivery time down. Having so many options also helps with potential server issues. If one goes down it doesn’t matter the next one will do the job.

About CDN Firewalls

Site delivery and performance isn’t the only concern CDN’s handle. They also take care of security for you. This means they put a firewall between your site and the end user and in this block all access to the site securely. If the unthinkable were to still happen the CDN company is responsible for the clean up and getting your site back up and running, but in our experience we have never seen a CDN get hacked.

As promised were not going to go tech on you because there’s so much more detail to cover when it comes to CDN’s, so we will end this section here. Just know that we at BDMA only select the best partner companies and in this case our CDN is by Cloudflare.

About Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform Logo BDMA Partner

Google’s Server Framework

We will touch on this part of our hosting briefly as we have an entire article about it already. Learn More About Google Cloud Platform

GCP, is the same server framework Google uses to deliver all there applications. It’s similar to a CDN in that it also uses proximity and has a vast array of POP (point of presence) stations all over the world. There are only 2 other rivals in existence and those are AWS by Amazon, and Azure by Microsoft. We however like Google’s framework the best for reasons we promised not to get into. Just know it’s a luxury most businesses cant afford, unless you get lucky and find a partner like we are!

In Conclusion

You are probably used to paying about 2 to $300 a year for hosting. Your probably also used to dealing with headaches that you don’t have to deal with, but don’t know it. In fact your brand is probably not doing as well as it could if your brands pillar, the web site, would preform better. Then there’s all the issue’s you don’t know about. Remember time is money. With BDMA Hosting it all goes away because our technology is elite yet affordable. This, just because we have partnered with the right people! Join us today and experience handsfree elite hosting.

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